Essay on Should Public Schools Be Public School?

Essay on Should Public Schools Be Public School?

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Public schools in America are dwindling down into the world’s worst educational system ever witnessed. In America, we fall so far behind other countries in mathematics and reading. But if education is the future of our children and the future of the country, why are we the only ones who do not take it seriously? Waiting for “Superman” scrutinizes the issue of education, mostly, public schools, here in America. The question brought forth in this documentary is, what are we going to do to better the public school system and how are we going to do it? The schools that are in low-income areas do not get as much funding as public schools in high-income areas. This reason is because public schools are funded by local property taxes, causing the necessary funding for an appropriate education to be deprived. The only solution this documentary suggests is charter schools. Charter schools would be a great solution to this problem, but charter schools have limited spots available and since so many families apply, there are more applicants than spots available. Causing the charter schools to use a lottery-like system and leaving so many families unconsidered (Davis). During this documentary the viewers are shown that public schools are short staffed, over-enrolled, and way underfunded. Leaving the parents and students hopelessly waiting for superman.
Davis Guggenheim is an American producer and director, known for the films, An Inconvenient Truth (2006), Waiting for ‘Superman’ (2010), and It Might Get Loud (2008) (Kinney). These are all documentaries ranging from global warming, schooling in America, and the electric guitar. Guggenheim also has a wife and three children (Kinney). An Inconvenient Truth is Guggenheim’s well-liked documentary...

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...he children from middle class or wealthy areas, which do like their educational system and the students who do go off to college. Another aspect Guggenheim fails to show are the students in charter schools, what if charter schools are not what the documentary makes them seem like. What if those students do not enjoy the charter school and want to attend another institution.
This documentary is a great example on how different the educational system is around the world. But, the way Guggenheim uses these rhetorical devices and does not show the other sides to each argument how is one to know if the public school education is as huge as the documentary portrays. Guggenheim does encourage the audience to look into the facts about the pubic school problem, which is a positive step in spreading the word about the problem to make the public more aware and knowledgeable.

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