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Underpaid, Underappreciated, and Misunderstood
People often say, “Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.” We live in a society where education is one of the most important parts of life. We offer free education for everyone ages five through eighteen. We expect everyone to go to school, and receive an education in order to get a good job and have a successful life. In fact, the government even fines us if we decide not to attend school. Public education is a privilege that we take for granted far too often. Teachers spend countless hours preparing lessons, grading papers, and imparting knowledge to young minds. Many think that teaching is such an easy job. Teachers’ days end early; they have weekends off; they have holidays off, and best of all, they have the entire summer off. Although they do have so much time off outside of the classroom, they are spending many of those hours preparing new and exciting material for the next year, going to workshops to learn new techniques to better themselves as a teacher, and learning all they can so they can be effective in the classroom. We can see that teachers are extremely underpaid when we know that they are the beginning of all other occupations, they are greatly underappreciated considering what they encounter every day, and they are highly misunderstood. In our society, it is unfortunate that we don’t recognize the value of our educators.
We have all heard someone say that teachers aren’t paid nearly what they are worth. According to a poll done by Phi Delta Kappan magazine, most people believe that teachers are not paid enough. “No group said teacher salaries are too high.”(53) This shows that most people agree that teachers should have a higher salary. K...

... middle of paper ...

...are false.
Teaching is a profession that will always be under attack. There will always be differing ideas about what a teacher really does, and if they really are underpaid. A teacher spends so much of her time investing in the lives of her students. She works well over 12 hours a day and her payment is still less than an accountant. She gives everything she has to see a child succeed, but is mostly repaid with disrespect, and no appreciation. No one will ever really understand the life of a teacher until he takes a walk in her shoes. We need to realize that so much of a teacher’s work is done behind the scenes. Teachers are the reason that doctors and lawyers exist. A teacher is the beginning of all other professions, so without quality educators we would be illiterate. As much as we value education in America, we should value our educational leaders just as much.

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