Should Professional Athletes Be Allowed Back Into Their Respective Leagues?

Should Professional Athletes Be Allowed Back Into Their Respective Leagues?

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Lawless Professional Athletes
Crime is any act that violates the law. Over the last decade, the amount of crimes committed by professional athletes has become a growing concern in our society. Hardly a day goes by without news of misbehaviour by a professional athlete. In the month of February 2009, for example, the media reported such misbehaviour on at least twenty-two out of twenty-eight days (Kim, 2009). Due to athletes’ poor public image, it seems that professional athletes are committing more crimes than average people, whether they are felonies or misdemeanors. Many times professional athletes become involved in these crimes and it seems that they are above the law. This is an issue that has gotten out of hand. There is a question to be answered by many, “Should professional athletes be allowed back into their respective leagues after they commit such crimes as felonies or misdemeanors?” This and many other questions related to athletes’ crime are seeking an answer that may or may never be completely resolved. However, this paper will take an in-depth look at the major points regarding professional athletes’ criminal acts; the effect of criminal acts to the society; the consequences of those acts and the lesson that needs to be learned from the consequences to uncover the question.
Athletes Portraying a Bad Image
People who live their lives under the constant security of the public opinion, like professional athletes, are subjected to extra responsibility due to their high profiles. Professional athletes most likely expect to be respected based only on their career achievement and that they do not need to be role models to earn fans ...

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...mes are bad examples for fans. Especially for the young ones. These role models have to be judged fairly, just as any other average person so that professional athletes acknowledge that there is a consequence for every action made and so that a lesson can be learned from these actions. Due to above reasons professional athletes who commit serious crimes should not be allowed back into their respective leagues.
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