Should Prison For Juveniles Commit Murder? Essay

Should Prison For Juveniles Commit Murder? Essay

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So much can be lost do to a bad decision or being in the wrong place at the wrong time or even out of an impulse. This thought is brought into consideration when I think of juveniles who have committed a crime and are sentenced to life in prison. For that bad decision that these juveniles have done, they are about to waste their whole life’s behind prison bars.
I personally agree with the Supreme Court Justices who argue to abolish mandatory life in prison for juveniles who commit murder. Sentencing a juvenile to life in prison does not only violate the Eighth Amendment, that bans cruel and unusual punishments, but it also ruins/kills another human being’s life. Being in prison for such a long time is like throwing away this teen’s life. It is like giving up on someone who could have done great things for this world, but this will never be known because they are not given the chance to do so.
Kids are like sponges, they have the capacity of absorbing everything that is around them. If a kid grows with an unstable family and around a bad environment they will only become as bad as the individuals around them. This is because they do not know any better. This factor should be put into thought when a juvenile receives a sentence for a crime, especially if the crime was something as big as murder. This should be considered when sentencing a juvenile because a lot of times the background of these teens plays a big role of why they commit the actions they do. Many times, these actions get out of their personal control and are made because of a need or a want to fit into a certain group of individuals.
Another thing that should be considered when sentencing a juvenile is the way that the brain is formed. Studies have shown tha...

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...hat the consequences are. They know that life cannot be taken easily and without overthinking things. But I cannot say that about a teen. Teens take things as they go, they see everything as being easy and do not think things throw. I believe that everyone deserves a second chance no matter what they have done because everyone has bad days and makes bad decisions.
Overall, I personally believe that the Supreme Court has made the right decision on abolishing mandatory life in prison for juveniles because they are just teens who most of the times are in the need of help in discovering themselves and building their character. Also because there are so many factors that should be considered before sentencing a juvenile to life in prison. I also strongly believe that this punishment is not the right path in helping these juveniles make something out of themselves

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