Should Prison For Juveniles Be A Crime? Essay

Should Prison For Juveniles Be A Crime? Essay

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Throughout and for many years there has been a lot of controversy on how to trial someone who has committed a crime under the age of 18. A lie will be a lie even if it 's serious or innocent and that 's why just like a crime will always be a crime, no matter what the situation is. The age of a person who has committed murder shouldn 't be an issue or a complication. Many advocate that the juvenile is just a child, but despised that I believe that is no justification or defense for anyone who does a crime. America and the nation need to apprehend that juveniles that are being conducted to life in prison is not just for one small incident or crime, but for several severe crimes according to Jennifer Jenkins, Juvenile Justice Information Exchange. The majority of the Supreme Court claims to agree to eradicate mandatory life in prison for adolescents because they are just kids and they don 't yet comprehend the situation rationally however, I strongly debate to retain life in prison for juveniles because everyone deserves justice no matter what.
Mentioned from the article “On Punishment and Teen Killers “ many experts reason that brain development is one of the “reasons” to blame for why these kids commit crimes on the other hand Jennifer Jenkins disagrees. On the contrary Jenkins argues that if that was the case, then teens would kill at roughly the same rates all around the world. On my behalf I concur with Jenkins because everyone is responsible for their own actions and behavior. Consciousness, is what awares our minds whether we decide if we want to do something or not and what is right and wrong. If brain underdevelopment is supposedly one of the reasons, then why aren 't my siblings and I kill people l...

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Parents and family members will defend their children who are being convicted for a delinquency, but justice should be a priority. Propaganda and “underdevelopment of the brain” will be pleas and vindications of why an adolescent should not be sent to prison yet the justice system should not have no mercy or consideration of this when deciding on how to trail a kid. More importantly, it 's not fair for someone who is the age of 18 or olds to be trial more punishment than a youth because a crime is a crime no matter the age you are. Every human being is different among each other and therefore age should not define which punishment is more suitable for a juvenile. “But he’s just a child!” People will proclaim nevertheless the teenager should have acknowledged and understood that before they shot someone with a gun or stab somebody with a knife.

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