Should Prison Be Boot Camp Programs More Effective At Reduce Recidivism Rates Of Offenders?

Should Prison Be Boot Camp Programs More Effective At Reduce Recidivism Rates Of Offenders?

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The objectives of correctional facilities are to Deter, Incapacitate, and Rehabilitate offenders that serve time inside (Duwe & Kerschner, 2008). “Among taxpayers, boot camps are especially popular for their get-tough punitive image” according to Stinchcomb and Terry (2001, pg. 222). Due to their popularity many states like New York, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas started implementing these types of alternative incarceration facilities. Subsequently the majority of incarcerated individuals are bound to be released back into society making rehabilitation important. Correction department employ as many programs as possible that have the slightest possibility of reducing recidivism rates. This research proposal examines whether or not compared to regular prison are boot camp programs more effective at reduce recidivism rates of offenders. Recidivism rates is a major concern in corrections because a lot of offenders are serving time and returning back into society. Lower recidivism rates would reduce crime and save the states a lot of money, which in turn saves tax payers money as well. Recidivism rates also contribute to prison populations and the common problem of prison overcrowding.
Past studies like Kempinen and Kurlychek (2003) have shown that boot camps do reduce recidivism rates. Although data has been gathered that it is very miniscule the rate of which recidivism is reduced Jones & Ross (1997), rest assured that it does have an effect. Studies have followed up on offenders after completing the alternative program of boot camp (Benda and Corwyn, 2005). The results have varied from study to study. This can possibly be the result of the boot camps in themselves and the states that implement them. Also the targeted off...

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...eral amounts of research on behalf of this matter have established that boot camp participation has no effect on preceding criminal behavior. Boot camps focus on a specific type of offender which is the first time offender and not the high risk offender. A large percentage of boot camp graduates return back to society and in time tends to return to the department of corrections within the study periods. The alternative program does not succeed on producing the desired results. Instead alternative results are produced by boot camp programs. It reduces prison overcrowding and reduces the cost to house an inmate. The setting throughout these studies consists of a disciplinary setting. Most of the boot camps are dissimilar because they are located and administered by different states. All of the following studies tend to focus more on the effect of juveniles over adults.

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