Should Premarital Counseling Be Legal? Essay

Should Premarital Counseling Be Legal? Essay

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Many times couples are too busy planning the wedding, but fail to plan for their marriage. The Journal of Family Psychology published a survey showing that couples who received premarital education reported higher levels of marital satisfaction and experienced a 30 percent decline in the likeliness of divorce after five years. Mandatory premarital counseling is receiving overwhelming attention these days. Colorado recently proposed a ballot that would require engaged couples to complete premarital counseling before being allowed to legally wed. Unfortunately, some couples are seeking legal counsel for a prenuptial agreement instead. Regardless of the fundamental importance of marriage in forming a foundation for family and society, divorce has become a common occurrence in the United States with disruptive consequences immediately affecting the children, the family, and society. Therefore the approach in making premarital counseling a requirement offers the necessary guidance to assist couples in evaluating their readiness for marriage, and allow couples to enter marriage with more certainty and a greater understanding.
Counseling is often viewed as just for people with problems. Think again. Premarital counseling should be viewed as you’ve got nothing to lose, everything to gain. Learning the skills strengthens your chances of staying together. This is essentially relevant in today’s society. Pre-wedding counseling has one distinct advantage; learning how to communicate and work through problems together. It is a lot easier before rather than after the wedding to build better forms of communication. Once you’ve said “I do”, couples already have unspoken expectations for each other and the unrealistic ideas they’ve develo...

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... not take the time to discuss their core values and beliefs about marriage and what it means to them. Premarital counseling offers an opportunity for couples to talk about their beliefs and significant issues with a trained practitioner facilitating these discussions prior to getting married. Nobody can say with any certainty what makes marriages last or fail. Sometimes during the course of a marriage, individual goals and desires change, which can create conflict. It’s important to be prepared with the skills needed to cope with the inevitable conflicts that occur during the course of a marriage. Taking this time before marriage to seek counsel can help improve the chances of couples staying together in the future. Counseling before marriage lays a foundation and offers the necessary tools to tackle these challenges, helping a couple feel more prepared to face them.

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