Essay on Should Pediatricians Refuse Treat Patients Who Don 't Vaccinate?

Essay on Should Pediatricians Refuse Treat Patients Who Don 't Vaccinate?

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In the article “Should Pediatricians Refuse to Treat Patients Who Don’t Vaccinate?” Perry Klass presents an issue in the New York Times that deals with refusing services to those patients who are not vaccinated. Klass (2016), declares that doctors cannot agree on the controversial issue that came up in the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Leadership Forum. According to Klass (2016), doctors are afraid that they could get ill or that patients who are not vaccinated could get other people in their waiting rooms ill as well. Some doctors have provided their testimonies on how they got ill after assisting a child who did not get vaccinated. Also, some patients have asked clinics to disclosure if they allow patients who are not vaccinated so they can look for a different clinic because they are afraid to get sick. In the Annual Leadership Forum the main focus was “vaccine refusal” (Klass, 2016).
According to Klass (2016), one of the resolutions was to terminate the exemption policy that exempted children from vaccinating for non-medical reason to attend schools or daycares. By eliminating this exemption, parents would be forced to vaccinate their children before attending school. The other resolution was to allow pediatricians to stop serving children whose parents refuse to vaccinate their children after trying to convince the parents that vaccination is the best way to protect their child.
The debate is difficult because some pediatricians believe that if patients who have not vaccinated stop receiving medical services, it could get worse because now they will not have the opportunity to get more educated on the importance of vaccination. One doctor felt that refusing services to patients who are not vaccinated is equivalent ...

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...ot providing services to the children who are not vaccianted are afraid that a patient who is in the waiting room could follow a law suit against them if he or she gets infected by the patient who is not vaccinate, but I think that it is easier to lose a law suit that includes violating religious beliefs, than a law suit where someone got infected.
Vaccinations are necessary to keep our children safe from getting infected, doctors should continue to educate families about the importance of vaccinations. However, doctors should not have the ultimate decision whether or not to provide services to innocent children who have no saying on their parents’ decisions. Children should have the opportunity get help in the medical field, and to attend public and private schools or daycares even if they are not vaccinated because they deserve the opportunity of an education.

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