Essay about Should Parks Be Closed Down For Safety Reasons?

Essay about Should Parks Be Closed Down For Safety Reasons?

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In February of 2010, a woman named Dawn Brancheau died while working as an animal trainer at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida. There has been a large amount of debate about the circumstances surrounding her death—some say she slipped and fell, while others say that she was dragged in by one of the orcas, Tilikum. The controversy over her tragic death brought this question to the surface: should parks like SeaWorld be closed down for safety reasons? While this argument has been going on for a long time, the death of Brancheau spurred a wave of debates about whether the park should be allowed to remain open. On one side, people believe the parks should be shut down and the animals should be released from captivity in an effort to protect the animals and the humans. On the other side of the argument, people believe the parks should be kept open because of the benefits they offer to the world in education and conservation. In light of SeaWorld’s recent transitions, I believe the park should remain open to the public.
Opponents of SeaWorld claim that closing down the park is better for the animals and the people in terms of safety. However, closing parks like SeaWorld would have major consequences for both humans and animals. The park offers a unique situation: a safe place for the animals, and an educational opportunity for park guests. If the park were to close, many animals would lose their home, and some might not be able to survive in the wild. For the humans, an opportunity to learn about marine life would be lost forever. Though there are safety issues that are a major concern, SeaWorld has risen to the occasion by changing policies and procedures to make the park a safer place for everyone.
While there are many parks and zoos wh...

... middle of paper ... showing that people learn in different ways, SeaWorld provides an educational opportunity that some people might find easier to understand than if they read a book about the same animals. Even for those who learn best by reading, actually seeing these animals is a learning experience that cannot be replaced.
After the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau, the issue over whether parks such as SeaWorld should be closed down or not has been a subject of much controversy in recent years. While some say that SeaWorld hasn’t done enough, SeaWorld has certainly done a lot towards the safety and betterment of not just animals, but humans as well. Opponents of the park have used issues such as safety for the trainers and mistreatment of animals to argue their side; however, SeaWorld has made great strides towards making the park a safe place for all—humans and animals.

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