Essay about Should Parents Decide If Retention Is Right For Your Child?

Essay about Should Parents Decide If Retention Is Right For Your Child?

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Should parents decide to retain their child in kindergarten and if so, will retaining children in kindergarten cause a negative impact on their social and emotional development?

Kindergarten used to be a time for learning through play. The curriculum consisted of learning to use scissors, crayons and very basic skills. Teachers never held children back unless they were still too young to begin first grade. Today kindergarten isn’t quite as relaxed as it used to be. For example, children are already beginning to learn math and reading skills. This new curriculum helps children meet new learning standards imposed by the government. Some children might need more time to absorb all the information they will need to know by first grade. For this reason the number of children being held back is constantly increasing. Therefore, the question is should parents decide to retain their child in kindergarten? If so, will retaining children in kindergarten cause a negative impact on their social and emotional development? How do you decide if retention is right for your child?
To answer the questions above, scientists would need to examine a number of things pertaining to the retention of a struggling child and if it would help them to succeed academically. Scientists would have to consider the reasons for the retention and if the pros outweighs the cons.

For most students struggling to keep up, parents are constantly wondering whether or not to retain their children in kindergarten. Scientists would need to determine why it is that children are struggling to keep up. They would then need to gather information to see if the children struggling to keep up are absorbing the lessons being taught to them. They would need to observe and ...

... middle of paper ...

...ntists to observe and analyze the issue at hand. After conducting the experiment they are able to answer some unknown questions that parents might have. For example, scientists will be able to let parents know how beneficial it will be to retain their child. They will be able to let parents know if there’s a negative impact socially or emotionally when deciding to retain their child. Some challenges that the social sciences could encounter when applying the scientific method to the topic of retaining kindergartners is that children are different and they may all learn in different ways. There’s no definite answer and each child is unique and may cope differently to certain situations.
Therefore, what may be good for one child may not be good for the other child. You have to know your child’s capability and determine if retention would be beneficial for him or her.

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