Should Parents Be Licensed? Essay

Should Parents Be Licensed? Essay

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On my 16th birthday, I passed for my drivers’ license test and began driving my beloved PT Cruiser. 2 year ago, my cousin passed her test and received her psychologist license. Now, my sorority sisters are studying to pass the bar exam. All of these activities require licenses because they greatly impact the quality of a person’s life. Parenting is potentially harmful to not only the child but to others as well. Hugh LaFollete raises and analyzes the possibilities of requiring parents to receive licenses.
The debate question that LaFollete argues is: should the state require all parents to be licensed? While many would say no to the state having a hand in their child’s rearing, LaFollete position in regards to the debate question is affirmative. LaFollete would like to see parents be licensed by the state. In his article he states that, “...the licensing of parents is theoretically desirable…” and that a program for the licensing of parents is very much possible and tangible (LaFollette 314). However, many of his key argument stem from how harmful activities are regulated.
LaFollete has one major argument to support his position of parental licensing with two levels of criterion. His main argument is that the government already regulates potentially harmful activities, so parenting should already be included in that regulation due to the criteria his gives on regulated activities. According to LaFollette, in order for an activity to be regulated it must be an activity that can bring harm to others and must require some sort of proficiency or competency test in order for safe performance. Based on the criteria, parenting fits this mold. Being a parent is stressful but the reward is usually grand, just like any other licensed ac...

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...have a license to parent or should not be parents whatsoever so in that sense licensing parents would be very beneficial. However, his argument is weak in the practical sense. He says implementation of the program is possible if the adoption process is possible. The problem with that thinking is that it does not take in account how parenting differs across cultures and regions. There are different parenting practices between races and between the regions of the United States whereas the activities he used to defend his argument such as driving and practicing law and medicine are pretty much universal with a couple of exception with law. Forh ow I was parented as a young, Southern black women can differ from how a white, Northern male was reared, so determining who should have a license to parent is difficult when the definition of a good parent differs amongst people.

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Should Parents Be Licensed? Essay

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