Should Or Not Label Gmos? Essay

Should Or Not Label Gmos? Essay

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Should or Should Not Label GMOs?
What do you think about GMOs? Are GMOs safe or unsafe? Do you agree with labeling GMO products? United States and Canada do not require labeling genetically engineered foods. However, there are significant restrictions for GMOs in 50 countries. Many Americans support as well as oppose labeling requirements. In fact, Bailey’s article “GMOs are nothing to fear” and Kimbrell’s article “The Case for Labeling GMOs” consider reasons on both sides. Furthermore, comparing Bailey’s article “GMOs are nothing to fear” and Kimbrell’s article “The Case for Labeling GMOs” indicates differences in some aspects: source, word choices and introduction.
First of all, the way Bailey and Kimbrell use sources are different. To clarify their articles, Bailey analyzes the benefits of GMOs and opposes the labeling requirement. On the other hand, Kimbrell’s article supports labeling requirements. Between Bailey and Kimbrell, what is the difference of using sources? If you look carefully, you may notice that Bailey deploys ideas by using facts, statistics and scientific experiments, and credible sources such as “The World Health Organization,” “the Food and Drug Administration” and “the American Medical Association” (par.1). “The New York Times” shows that, moreover, “the use of GM technology to save Florida’s oranges from deadly bacteria that would otherwise wipe out the entire crop” (par.5). Facts, statistics and scientific researches help Bailey develops her ideas smoothly and clearly. Not the same as Bailey, Kimbrell’s article lacks sources, facts, or experiments. In fact, Kimbrell uses some sources that are not clear and specific enough. Kimbrell, for example, says that “most polls show around 90 percents of the publi...

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... only gives his opinion; for example, he said, “GM crops are modified to contain novel patented bacterial and viral DNA never before seen in foods” (par.1). Then, in the last sentence, Kimbrell writes, “they want the same right to choose as consumers in the 64 countries around the world that mandate some form of labeling of GM foods”(par.1). In general, Bailey introduces her article by using facts, quotation, and experiment; meanwhile, Kimbrell gives subjective opinion.
Overall, both articles differ in using sources, choosing words and introducing the article. Bailey’s article are developed by using credible information while Kimbrell clarifies his article subjectively. Both authors choose verbs, adjectives, and introduction style in opposite ways. Therefore, Bailey’s article and Kimbrell’s article differ not only about opinion also about the way of supporting ideas.

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