Should Nuclear be Used as Main Power Source? Essay

Should Nuclear be Used as Main Power Source? Essay

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Electricity is a type of energy which is necessary to operate every electronic appliance. Since first electronic light bulb was invented by the great inventor, Thomas Edison, the needs for electricity uproars to the point which had became one of the survival requirements for the current modern people. Electricity is only obtainable by converting other energy sources into electrical energy, or using natural lightning as a direct source. Thus, various power generators are responsible in producing electricity in human’s life. Nuclear power plant is one of an example of the generators. Nuclear power station is a type of power plant that uses the energy from nuclear fission of uranium to produce energy which helps in spinning the turbine and forward the rotation towards dynamo to generate electricity. The energy produced through nuclear energy is extremely strong that it is capable to be used as a main power source of a country. Japan is one of the examples of the country which have fewer natural resources and uses nuclear energy as the main power source for the country. Thus, should nuclear power station be introduced in Malaysia as a main energy sources? Some are supporting the statement as using nuclear power station can reduce air pollution while preserving the usage of fossil fuels. However, certain side effects such as human’s health problem, environmental mutation, and the risk for explosion will be drag along in the usage of nuclear power station.
The cases of air pollutions can be reduced by introducing nuclear power station. In Malaysia, the main power sources for generating electricity is the combustion of fossil fuels, which produces several air pollutants such as Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, and Sulfur Dioxide; that ar...

... middle of paper ...

...n exchange with the high price of health influence, environmental pollution and nuclear outbreak which must be considerate before jumping into conclusion. Nuclear energy may be useful to be introduced in Malaysia, except that Malaysia might not be prepared with the technology needed for the practice, which is decisive in effectively handling the nuclear energy. Thus, instead of using dangerous nuclear energy as power source, certain alternative renewable source of energy such as biomass, solar energy, waves, wind, tides or geothermal energy can be introduced in Malaysia, which are environmental friendly, and serves the purpose of producing extra energy for the country as well. A choice or decision should only be made after going through layers of rational reflection as every single choice of the moment serves as the main puzzle piece to complete the image of future.

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