Should My Kid Get Braces? Essay

Should My Kid Get Braces? Essay

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Should My Kid Get Braces?

The braces of today are not like the braces of yesterday. Images of kids and teens running around with a mouth full of metal and sometimes headgear, is not always true of experiences with the braces of today. In fact, there are a more choices in the material that braces are made of making them better blend in with your child’s natural teeth, such as when you choose ClearCorrect in Silver Spring from one of the best dentists.

However, it begs parents to wonder, why children should be evaluated for braces while they are young at all? Why not wait until your child is older?

A Growing Dilemma

The American Association of Orthodontists generally recommends that all children between the ages of 9 and 14 be evaluated for orthodontic issues since their jaw is still growing and their permanent teeth is still emerging. If you wait too long to have them evaluated, and they need orthodontic care, then the process of straightening their teeth may take longer than it would’ve had the care been received earlier. You can think of it as a kind of early orthodontic in...

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