Should Morality Be Broken Down Into Two Basic Systems Essay

Should Morality Be Broken Down Into Two Basic Systems Essay

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In video games, morality can be broken down into two basic systems, the Scale System and the Multiple Achievement Path System (Whittle 33). The Scale system, which is the most common, applies positive and negative values to decisions and adds them to a single axis scale with two poles as indicators of moral stance, which generally represent two mutually exclusive philosophies. The scale is mostly used as a meter for “good” and “evil” actions (35). The second system is slightly more complex. In MAPS, values are added to multiple single axis scales, where the scale with the highest value indicates the players tendencies in moral situations (). Each of these systems of measurement may have either a simple or complex system design that can be used to make morality more organic within the game. The simplistic design shows a straightforward approach to understanding morality, while the more complex designs showcase a system in which morality can be more subjective (41).
Most video games, especially RPGs, have some form of morality system. For example, Sucker Punch’s Infamous series ' deals with morality by allowing players to pursue a path of being either a hero or super villain, usually by helping civilians and police or vice-verse. In doing so, the players abilities evolve to fit their archetype, for instance, as the player becomes a hero, powers become more precise to help reduce collateral damage while playing as a villain powers become more destructive since collateral damage is not a big of concern for player. Not only that, non-playable characters or NPCs react to the player differently depending on their status in the game by approaching the player and taking pictures and giving congratulations if the player is a hero or by thr...

... middle of paper ... threat for good or letting the queen go free and possibly repopulating and taking over the galaxy again? Another instance, the player finds a research facility that is conducting illegal research and must destroy the facility, but in the process two of the players squad-mates are in different areas of the lab, one arming a bomb to destroy the place and the other escorting a group of soldiers. Both squad-mates become injured and the player has only enough time to save one and leave the area before the facility is destroyed. Which squad-mate should be saved? Events like these can be found throughout the series and as the story unfolds the sheer number of species affected by the players choices increases dramatically and at the same time these choices become more morally grey. There will be consequences to the players actions that will be seen throughout the series.

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