Should Minors Be Required Parental Consent? Essay

Should Minors Be Required Parental Consent? Essay

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Should minors be required to have parental consent to obtain birth control? I believe that today’s adolescents between the ages of thirteen through eighteen should be able to obtain a form of birth control without parental consent. Minors will often make life changing decisions regardless of their parent’s opinion or consent. During a minors teen years their curiosity will obscure their judgement. As for parents, the odds of teens reaching out to them aren’t in their favor. Sexual conversations between parents and teens are over looked. Their are parents in denial in regards to their teen’s sexual life. At some given point as they go through puberty, chemicals are secreted by their brain leading them crave sexual interactions. Parents cannot prohibit teens from having sex. It’s beneficial for teens to be prepared and protected. Minors should be able to purchase birth control without parental consent because lack of communication, privacy, and confidentiality.
One reason teenage girls should be allowed to receive birth control and contraceptives without the consent of their parents is because some teen-to-parent relationships aren’t strong. Communication is the key that opens up comfort between teens and parents to be able to have the sex-talk at home. I believe that the home environment is the foundation which allows parents to give the sex-talk. Parents may have huge responsibilities to protect their children. A lack of communication diminishes the influence parents have on their kids. Parents that are overly protective of their children will attempt to make life changing decisions like sex for them. Parents may have extremely busy work schedules obstructing their ability to communicate with their kids. Taking into account the...

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...s way worse them having sex with condoms. Why can it not be the same for girls seeking out birth control?
Forms of birth control should be able to be sold over the counter or at least distributed by a local pharmacy’s Minute clinic for teen girls. This will help the girls get a brief health evaluation to help them be placed on the proper birth control for their needs. In a pharmacy minute clinic you can be treated and tested for yeast infections and urinary tract infections, flu shots, diabetic test, high blood pressure, and a multiple of other things. I don’t see why they can’t add birth control to the list of possibilities. At a minute clinic these girls will get elevated by height, age, weight and other medical history. Birth control prescribed to minors without parental is often objected due to improper dosage that can be alarming to the teens medical history.

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