Essay about Should Minors Be Prosecuted As Adults?

Essay about Should Minors Be Prosecuted As Adults?

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There are many questions arising about whether a minor should be prosecuted as an adult. Throughout the years many people have become dissatisfied with the system and the leniency towards minors committing heinous crimes. In present time, people have insisted that if the child commits a crime, he/she should therefore be treated as a criminal. Well, is there an age limit to restrict sentencing? At what age are a child’s thought process developed to know right from wrong? What percentage of people agree with this process? It all comes down to one major question; should minors be prosecuted as adults? It is believed to be that way in most criminal cases.
In 1899, one state passed the Juvenile Court Act, which established the nation’s first juvenile court. It was found on these three principles: juveniles are not comprehendible to hold account for their actions, they are not fully developed (mentally or physically), and can rehabilitate other than most adults. Now, in all but three states in the United States, anyone charged with committing a criminal act before his or her 18th birthday on average, is sought as a juvenile offender. More than ever, states and other countries globally have begun to question the reliability of juvenile court. The juvenile court system should be done away with, the system of punishment is too lenient on juvenile offenders, and it is also inefficient in responding to juvenile crime and violence.
In Tennessee an 11-year-old boy is facing first-degree murder charges in the death of an 8-year-old he shot and killed after he asked her to show him her puppy and she said no. The boy used his father 's 12-gauge shotgun, taking it from the unlocked closet, according to a story in the Washington Post. The local pr...

... middle of paper ... do adult actions, therefore should be treated as adult.
In today’s society we constantly hear the young adults/minors speak out about how they feel like they should be treated like they are adults because they are tired of hearing people tell them they are kids. Well if that’s the case, shouldn’t we put the big hammer down and start treating them like adults? When the minors fulfil adult actions, we should make their wish our command and treat them like the “adult” they are. If there were more laws about this particular viewpoint, maybe minors would realize that is what they are and start acting like the goofy teenagers they are meant to be. Teens in this generation are attempting to grow up faster than what is intended for them, and in most cases it is not good for the minor. If a minor commits an adult crime thus said minor should face the adult consequences.

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