Should Marijuana Be Legalized Or Not For Any Kind Of Purposes? Essay examples

Should Marijuana Be Legalized Or Not For Any Kind Of Purposes? Essay examples

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One of the most popular controversial topics nowadays is whether the use of marihuana should be legalized or not for any kind of purposes. Numerous studies have been made to prove if this drug could be harmful or beneficial to the human body in a certain quantity or situation, and as many things in life, this particular drug has its advantages and disadvantages. Marihuana should be legalized, taking into an account that it brings many benefits to its user such as medical use, relaxation, it is a less harmful substance than the current legal drugs and it will lower the social costs of its prohibition.
When it comes to marihuana, medical use have been the most accepted of its purposes, yet it is still not legally approved in half of states of the U.S.A. Numerous doctors prescribe this drug to patients to manage symptoms that follow radiotherapy, like pain, depression, weight, dysphagia, and altered sense and for appetite stimulation. In the specific case of Florida, the Tampa Bay Times in its article “Yes on Medical Marihuana” talked about medical marihuana and how in Florida it is still not legal to this date. The article indicated the next specifications of the law that would make this possible:
“Amendment 2 would allow doctors to recommend medical marijuana to patients who have a debilitating medical condition. Qualifying patients would receive identification cards from the Department of Health and be allowed to obtain the recommended dosage from state-regulated dispensaries. Licensed caregivers would be allowed to administer the drug to qualifying patients. The health department would regulate the industry” (Tampa Bay Times).
It seems that having all of these regulations legalizing this drug for medical purposes would not be a...

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...g on an icy road and having unprotected sex, and yet people routinely ignore those risks. Marihuana is far from the top of any list of dangers, and it seems to result in comparable pleasure” (White). Marihuana has to stop being taboo, as it is a very commonly used drug nowadays, and people should start educating themselves on its benefits and also its consequences and possible dangers of its abuse. People should be trusted to use any drug responsibly with respect to its required regulations, as it would not be fair to the people who use marihuana consciously or for medical purposes to be denied the right to take it. Therefore, marihuana should be legalized, given that it is proven to bring numerous benefits to its user such as medical use, relaxation, it is a less harmful substance than the current legal drugs and it will lower the social costs of its prohibition.

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