Should Marijuana Be A Big Mistake? Essays

Should Marijuana Be A Big Mistake? Essays

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Say No to Marijuana
As I drive through the buildings on Central Avenue and Thomas Road I see teenagers exhaling smoke. I’m twenty-one and I have never smoked, so it was ultimately shocking. It was then and there that I realized that legalizing marijuana would be a big mistake. Our newer generation only becomes more corrupted as the years pass by. Legalizing marijuana will only affect our newer generation, and minimize their will power to succeed.
Parental awareness has become one of the most important factors of educating the teenagers of today. Once the parent is well informed, their way of disciplining their children is much more efficient. The importance of knowing symptoms that are present is crucial. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services state, “Change in academic performance, increased absenteeism or truancy, lost interest in sport or other favorite activities, and changes is eating or sleeping habits could be related to drug use” (NIH Publication 10). The vast amounts of teenagers that try a dose of marijuana have a legitimate reason as to why they do. “Children an...

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