Should Living Near A Volcano? Essay

Should Living Near A Volcano? Essay

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Let us imagine a day in Pompeii. A typical day roaming the streets with your family undenounced to the danger that lurks around the corner. You and your family are walking around eating what Pompeiians called fast food, or as they called it “thermpolia” (Pompeii Factoids 2008 p 8). Living near a volcano can have its advantages as noted in the article “Pompeii Factoids” the author states, “Living near a volcano was not all bad; the soil of the geothermally active region provided detectably fruitful grapes and rich potting clay. Moreover, hot spring throughout the area attracted the spa-set from Rome” ” (Pompeii Factoids 2008 p 8). Therefore, life is good; you have a great family a great town with many amenities that most other cities for this time could not even dream. When all of a sudden a black cloud starts to form over the huge mountain known as Mt. Vesuvius. Panic starts to set into all the citizens, everyone running in different directions. Some run to their homes where they think they will be safe. Other run towards the sea, to try to escape via a ship. What do you do? Do you run to your home and protect your loved ones their or do you make a run for the sea? It may seem like an obvious choice to one after the fact, but put yourself in their shoes and travel back in time almost 1700 years ago. Would it be such an obvious choice in those days, when you have no idea what is going on and have no idea what kind of damage this is going to cause. I know most of us know what volcanoes are now days and know the damage they can cause, however, we can never stop researching volcanoes. We need to have a better understanding of what makes them erupt and if it is possible to predict when and how they will erupt. That way we can avoid a t...

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... snow on top of them. Deep down inside the earth’s crust however, they are boiling up. Melting solidified rock deep down inside the earth’s crust, building up pressure. At any given moment, they can explode and spew huge amounts of lava, which can pour out or explode out of the volcano. These events are called volcanic eruptions, and there was a time when we did not know much about these volcanic eruptions. Much like the people of Pompeii in Italy’s coast. The citizens of Pompeii were rocked by a surprise eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, in a time when the word volcano did not even exist in the Latin dictionary, per say. This eruption and many others afterwards have taught us that volcanoes can be very unpredictable, however if we can study volcanoes more closely, we can learn how and when they might erupt again. In hope that we can save lives when they do decide to erupt.

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