Should Law Enforcement Officers Be Within Schools? Essay

Should Law Enforcement Officers Be Within Schools? Essay

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Should law enforcement officers be present in schools? This is a controversial topic because of recent situations shown in the media. There was a case where a student was asked repeatedly to leave the classroom but, she remained in her seat and the teacher called school security on her. Instead of the altercation ending calmly it resulted in the officer throwing the student out of her seat then slamming her onto the floor. In this situation the officer undeniably over reacted. On the other hand there are successful cases involving school resource officers. One case was even in my high school. The schools law enforcement officer seized a weapon off of a student who made a violent threat against the school. School resource officers should be present in schools. Even if there is no immediate threat on the school, no harm can come from being prepared. SROs are law enforcement officers that are placed in schools for their benefit.
School resource officers have more responsibilities than just protecting students and faculty. It is a misconception people make that school resource officers, also known as SROs, are only there to keep children safe inside schools. As the CRS Report for Congress states SROs are placed in schools to help students learn how to handle a conflict carefully as well as address and prevent the spread of crime alongside many other things (James and McCallion). SROs are not there to arrest students for petty actions such as fighting or disrespecting teachers. SROs are there to make sure that violence and crime do not get out of hand. SROs should be allowed to make an arrest if the crime committed was a real threat such as stabbing someone or selling drugs. Students should not be arrested for small matters such as th...

... middle of paper ... is no telling how many more lives would be lost. Cases such as the one at Dorchester High just goes to prove that having law enforcement present in schools is beneficial and has a positive effect. Yes, there are some cases that officers make a mistake like we see in the news but, there are also cases where the outcome of a situation could have been much worse if SROs weren’t present. Being a school resource officer is not an easy job and it has many dangers but, they want to make sure that students and faculty are safe. Everyday law enforcement officers risk their lives to ensure the safety of others, in school and out of school. Even if having a SRO doesn’t turn crime around immediately in the end there will be some change. SROs do make a difference and can ultimately save lives in emergency situations, so they should be present in all schools for precautions.

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