Should it be legal to buy kidneys? Essay

Should it be legal to buy kidneys? Essay

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The kidneys filters your blood. They are an important part of our body. However, if both are damaged, the kidneys will require replacement. Which leads to the problem of today’s world, where there are not enough kidney donations, therefore increasing amounts of deaths caused by kidney failure. This can be treated by kidney transplants or dialysis, but due to the costings, and few donators, this problem cannot be solved solidly. Although there are kidney trades, it is illegal; hence it will not be beneficial to the majority of the population.
Homeostasis means keeping a steady environment around the cell, therefore cells are provided essential products, but also removing wastes. These waste products includes carbon dioxide, urea, and salts. This is where the kidneys comes in, where they are specialised organs that removes the poisonous waste product, called the urea (which can denature enzymes), and regulate the water content of the blood cells, otherwise known as osmoregulation. (Ron Pickering, 2010) The kidneys also filters out the waste products, small filters called nephrons, which separates the blood and the waste. (Your Kidneys, n.d.) The kidneys are very special since they can work even if there is only one of them. If a kidney can only function by itself, the kidney itself will increase in size, and “it will compensate as those with two.” (What’s It Like to Live With One Kidney?, n.d.) Healthy kidneys are extremely important, otherwise our body may suffer from consequences such as high blood pressure, when the pressure within the arteries increases, diabetes, and worst case scenario would be kidney failure, when the kidneys fail to remove waste products. Loosing the kidney function will cause a build up of blood containing...

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