Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed? Essay

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed? Essay

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The United States is one of the most globally diverse countries in the world, and in countless occasions is has been referred to as a global “melting-pot”, meaning that it is the place where in migration is what makes the population of the country. In fact from the early beginnings of the US, the population constituted of immigrants, even the founding fathers of the nation were not of American indigenous roots. The fact is that many of the people of today’s society believe that those who immigrate to the US from places such as Central America are considered foreigners even if their heritage precedes the North American colonization. This is where a major issue in the US resides, many “citizens” claim the land to be their own and those who immigrate should not be considered proper citizens, especially those who do so without documentation. There has been a constant battle on whether illegal immigrants should be allowed to be considered citizens of the US even if their entire life consisted of everything a “normal” citizen would do. Many people have attempted to place these issues in to paper with some success, however an author that thoroughly explains the situation concerning undocumented immigrants is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Amsterdam Walter J. Nichols. He does this through his book The DREAMers, which consist of the story from the group of undocumented youth who want to gain citizenship in a country where their entire life have lived in. Through this essay the most common key points of the book will be analyzed as well as the intersection of race/ethnicity, class and gender, and the impact these intersections have on Latinos/as in the U.S. Also the way this book connects to other readings about Latin...

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...he American public, but in politics as well. Some of the most effective ways the author is able to deliver his message is through the simplicity and relevance of the DREAMers encounters, which as previously mentioned allows American citizens to identify just how similar they might be to Latinos/as, as well as other immigrants.
For many generations many immigrants have been degraded and misplaced by societies all over the world, but the fact is that immigrants regardless of race, class, gender and even legal status are what make the world what is today. The DREAMers definitively not only highlights the constant battle immigrants face in the US, but it is also a way to honor them and let them know that through perseverance and unity they are able to accomplish the impossible, as well as demonstrating to those who consider themselves superior that, “We are all human!”

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