Essay on Should Homosexual Parenting Be Accepted?

Essay on Should Homosexual Parenting Be Accepted?

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There are many children in foster care. As the years pass, the numbers of children without parents have raised. Many same-sex couples would be more than glad to adopt one of these children. Society has not found a way to accept this kind of relationships completely and less accepts the idea of them parenting. It seems that as close as homosexual couples get to have equal rights as everyone else the more scared society becomes. There are many questions when it comes to gays and lesbians adopting. Why is Christian religion against same-sex parenting? Would a same-sex couple be bad for parenting? In other words, should homosexual couples be able to adopt a child? Even do Christian religion oppose to the idea of gays and lesbian adopting, psychologist have found evidence that being raise by a same-sex couple has no significant impact in the development of a child.
For many years, Christianity has not accepted homosexuality, proof of that is the support they have for the book of Patricia Morgan, Children as Trophies? Examining the Evidence on Same-Sex Parenting a book in which the author claim that same-sex parenting is bad for the children (Hicks, 2003). “Many conservative Christians believe that homosexuality is a chosen lifestyle, an unnatural and deviant behavior, and changeable. . . Conservatives [Christians] also generally believe that homosexual behavior is hated by God and condemned by the Bible.”(Robinson, 2002) Christians strongly believe that homosexuality is something that people learned and, for instance, is not natural, and they refuse to accept an unnatural couple to raise a child. It is unclear whether his description of a "non-traditional environment" includes both same-sex co...

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...nts in emotional health, parenting skills, and attitudes toward parenting. No data have pointed to any risk to children as a result of growing up in a family with 1 or more gay parents. Some among the vast variety of family forms, histories, and relationships may prove more conducive to healthy psychosexual and emotional development than others.”(Perrin 2002)
In conclusion, Christianity had fair point to believe and disapproved homosexual parenting. The testimony of the representative of God in earth, Pope Francis has shown concern about being parent by homosexuals. Even do there is a big concern in the Christian church, psychologist have proof that the children are develop correctly and that there is no difference shown in children with heterosexual parents and those being raised by homosexual parents. I strongly encourage people to accept homosexual parenting.

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