Should Hiv Vaccine Be Necessary? Essay

Should Hiv Vaccine Be Necessary? Essay

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Should an HIV vaccine be necessary, as the disease is preventable? Some people including scientist are oppose to the HIV vaccine and most of us are not. Is the HIV vaccine truly necessary or with prevention methods and a healthy immune system a person should be fine. Some studies confirm that HIV vaccine is harmful because it produces false HIV positives up to eighty six percent of subjects (Adams). Dr. Luc Montagnier, the Nobel Prize winning virologist credited with the co-discovery of HIV says: “We can be exposed to HIV many times without being infected. Our immune system creates (antibodies) within a few weeks, if you have a good immune system”(Adams). Studies shows that HIV vaccine trials, often end up testing positive for HIV even though they were only exposed to the vaccine, not the virus. While the normal population is awaiting for this miracle vaccine to be approved, others are not in favor because of lack of credibility on it. Is Big Pharma behind this controversy? Should the government protect this big financial agencies and is the vaccine the only response to the HIV virus cure; yes there is more behind the vaccine issue.
As a future nurse I feel involved in the HIV/AIDS topic because through my career I will encounter with patients carrying the virus. I personally don’t know anyone with the HIV virus, but I had seen a few interviews during my research on HIV/AIDS. Patients carrying the virus are sometimes shy about their situation, especially youth; they worry about what would people will think about them, plus they assume that they are dying. The reality is that once a person becomes diagnose with this virus, their lives won’t be the same. I had seen the suffering this patients have, what they go through ...

... middle of paper ... center for the drug industry, instead of creating a vaccine , this agencies along with the government, should approved medicines that cures HIV/AIDs. It is more profits for this agencies the creation of a vaccine than the real cure of the virus. Also, we need to keep in mind that a good immune system helps fight the virus creating antibodies to it; this antibodies are often mistaken by doctors with the actual HIV virus and in fact this is when a patient can be misdiagnosed and all this expensive treatments takes place.
The idea is not only a vaccine, but so will easily accessible and acceptable curative therapy. Again, the government should implement in the school system a module to understand HIV/AIDs and its consequences. An educated society can help fight the spreading of the virus. Prevention and education is the best weapon against this epidemic.

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