Should Gun Safety Be Taught? Schools? Essay

Should Gun Safety Be Taught? Schools? Essay

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Gun Safety Taught In Schools

Should gun safety be taught in schools? This is a question that should be considered

in view of the recent events happening in our world today. Children in this generation fall

into one of two categories: scared of guns or curious about them. In one of ABC’s news

reports the Center Of Disease Control released a statement “While fewer kids are

bringing guns to school, the rate of firearm deaths among children younger than

thirteen years of age remains twenty five times that of the other top twenty five

industrialized nations combined.” I am going to persuade the reader of this essay to

see the three main benefits of educating American youth about gun and firearm safety

while in school. The three main benefits are as follows: less abuse of weapons, less

accidents, and more personal safety.

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To begin, guns pose a real danger in the lives of American children and

adolescents. Statistics from the American Academy Of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

state that “ The United States has the highest rates of firearm-related deaths among

industrialized countries, including homicide, suicide and unintentional deaths; young

people are often the victims. Gun violence accounts for over 3,000 deaths and over

15,000 injuries each year among children and adolescents.” In April of 2016,

four toddlers came into contact with a firearm. Of those four ,three ended in

death, and the fourth toddler killed his mother from the back seat of their vehicle. Many

parents also may not realize how little effort it requires to fire a gun. Indiana has ranked

18th in gun deaths, 23rd in gun laws and scored an overall D- on the 2015 Gun Law State



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...dle them ,as well as pull the trigger. Sen. Dan Brown stated during a
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CNN report that “ Kids unfamiliar with guns are more likely to play with them and pull

the trigger.” Children that have the knowledge from programs such as “ Eddie Eagle” are

more apt to physically stop along with verbally repeat “ Stop. Don’t Touch. Leave

The Area. Tell An Adult.”

In conclusion, for our children and for our grandchildren , we need to make the

change as a nation to promote gun and firearm safety in school. When schools have

resources such as the National Rifle Association’s “ Eddie Eagle” no child should be

without proper firearm safety and training. Mandatory firearm safety in schools would

not only help decrease the amount of accidents, lower the abuse of such

weapons,promote personal safety, but also guarantee that children are taught properly.

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