Should Gun Control Be Enforced? Essay

Should Gun Control Be Enforced? Essay

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Should gun control be enforced or should it be abolished completely? No matter what side is taken in this argument, the person involved always seems to find themselves on the defensive no matter what they chose. One side of the topic fights for stricter gun control laws make on the grounds America is one of the leading countries in gun violence. However, on the other side of the argument, the opponents of strict gun control claim guns do more help than harm. This issue has existed for decades and has spurned a massive debate on the ethics of gun control and what should be done about it.
The argument that the individuals championing this issue make the amount of crimes committed has been severely inflated due to the fact that massive amounts of guns are in circulation in the U.S. There has shown to be a correlation between the amount of guns that are available and the amount of gun crimes committed (Kwon). This is evidenced to be at its highest in places that are usually more “urban, underdeveloped, and impoverished” (Kwon). The relationship shown here could potentially contribute to the gun control activists’ arguments, but when delved into further, it is shown that even places that do not have as many guns as the other low income environments “have almost the same amount of crimes committed per capita” (Kwon). This exert claims that there is little relation between the two factors. Even when these guns are removed as a medium, these crimes are still being committed.
Gun control activists claim that access to guns is too easy which contributes to the rising amount of gun crimes. When America was in its infantile stages, everybody was allowed the liberty to be armed freely, which lowered the amount of crimes committed. Given the ...

... middle of paper ... ensued. Firearms have been shown to cause damage, but when these tools are used properly, they could work for the betterment of society.
In the debate on gun control, both sides make very compelling arguments. One side argues on the grounds of exerting their constitutional rights, while the other argues the importance human life and how firearms influence its fragility. This, in a sense, divides the country into two on the topic of gun control. This issue affects the common man in everyday life from simple recreational activities like hunting, to the police officer who might arrest them for carrying a gun, to the court system that might incarcerate them for the rest of their lives. Since there are two sides in this argument and are both insatiably passionate about what they are campaigning about, the issue of gun control is not one that can ever be taken lightly.

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