Should Gmos Be Labeled? Essay

Should Gmos Be Labeled? Essay

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Should GMOs Be Labeled?
Let me ask you a question, "Have heard about Monsanto?" It’s very uncommon that the audience will ever get a sneak peek behind the curtains. Take a look at what you are eating every day, would you believe me if I said Monsanto probably created your meal? It tastes’ delicious doesn’t it? Now, what is every chefs number one seasoning commonly used? Salt and Pepper! Imagined instead salt and pepper, you get a delightful pinch of Genetically Modified Organism. Did that make you drop your silverware? In case that wasn’t enough to ruined your appetite, let me tell you the main purpose of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organism). Monsanto first engineered GMO’s in 1985 and recently became prevalent in our food chain. It synthetically utilized crops DNA to repel all-purpose poison. Monsanto strongly marketed GMO seeds as well as the poison. These new crops’ DNA blueprints allowed farmers to douse pesticide, eliminating everything beside the GMOs. The corporation strategically attacks numerous markets not limited to soybeans and corn. Crops that are affected are steadily climbing. You are ingesting all the pesticide, herbicide and fungicide, without realizing it. Even though Monsanto sells the public by saying their products are safe and relevant with the world demising food resource issue.
Monsanto has painted a picture of a world with outstanding nourished civilians with an unlimited food supply. However, potential risk and ethical controversy are both being questioned. GM foods are lightly taken seriously and need to be highly regulated.
So, should GMO foods be labeled or just close its doors?
Unlike the other developed countries such as European Union, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia and China the United States...

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...ues. Fifty other countries are already labeling GMO products. Gambling with our health. New food allergens are linked to ingesting to GM products. With these warnings, no health studies were ever conducted and no health or safety testing are required with the US FDA. While World Health Organization and the American Medical Association urges tastings should be mandatory. Many companies market their products to be safe, but with restraining research and controlling their science that are going in developing these foods made the concern citizen become outraged. With labeling these GM foods give our rights to choose the outcome of our health.

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