Should Gay Couple Be Allowed To Marry Essay

Should Gay Couple Be Allowed To Marry Essay

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Gay men and women have always adopted children, however in the past they would mostly hide the fact that they were gay. These days it has become more socially acceptable for gays to step out of the closet and have been welcomed into society. However it is still easier for a single parent to adopt than a gay couple. Now positive studies coming out on children who have been raised by gay parents either by adoption or biological homosexual parents in the United States. It is now up to us to realize that with the amount of children that still might never find permeant homes in the United States. Should it be legal in US for gay couples to adopt children and take in those who need to go to good homes, into ones that are full of love, stability and comfort?
It is likely that 1 in every 10 individuals are lesbian or gay. Being gay is not a emotional disorder, nor are homosexuals morally corrupt or wicked people. They are considered fully functioning members of society. The American Psychological Association states that “homosexuality is a normal expression of human sexual orientation that poses no inherent obstacle to leading a happy, healthy, and productive life.” Which is evident when we look at the fact that they go to work, school, pay taxes and so on, they are essentially the same as heterosexuals in every way, except for their sexual preferences. Homosexuals have the same amount of intelligence, morality, and emotions as a heterosexual. Because of this there is no logical reason for them not to have the same rights that heterosexuals have. It is said that in order to be a good parent you must posses several qualities: Understanding, Encouraging, Trust, Loving, Supportive, etc. Non of which are exclusive to heterosexuals. Sexual ...

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...8 May 2014.

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