Essay about Should Fate Or Hard Work Come An Succeed Us?

Essay about Should Fate Or Hard Work Come An Succeed Us?

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Should fate or hard work come first to succeed us?
Fate may change the course of life, but our enthusiasm to work hard makes us thrive or fail most of the time. When it comes to choosing an object that left an important lesson in your life, it could be a tough especially if most of them are substantial. In my life, there are numerous objects that are vital, but I have not learned much more from them than I learned from my Ethiopian High school small, rectangular and white grade report paper. The ten courses written with a blue pen were the representative of me, who I am as a student. The Italic hand written numbers along with the little sign of percentile is the trigger for me to remember about my poor grades whenever I see written numbers in Italic. It is not just a grade report paper, rather it is my teacher through my academic journey even though it reminds me the worst performance I have ever had in school and my broken vision.
I remember those moments, feeling a failure when our homeroom teacher was giving us year grade report paper. We would always get the report paper at the end of the school year. On June 30th, my friend and I went to school to receive our academic result. That afternoon the teacher came after about an hour. We were complaining why he came late instead of concern about our grade. As he got to that crowded class, he recommended us to have a seat. After we had our seat, he started giving our paper. The first person received the grade was not happy, as I read it from her face. After he gave most of the students, my friend, I, and some other students left in the class. My heart missed a beat when I saw my friend’s grades. She had said she did much better than I did, and we expected her grades to be better tha...

... middle of paper ... see my brightest vision. Finally, I got a chance to step into college as the first generation.
In conclusion, the white paper with my poor academic result taught me three lessons, but not the paper itself, the average percentage of my ten courses. The first one is, there is a time in life we limit ourselves due to our surroundings’ influence, for instance, I thought, I would never be able to either a good student in terms of grades or get a way to make my dream true, then limited myself by not working hard because of my surrounding, teachers. The second one is fate has more power to decide our destination than working hard does. And the third one is hope is like air, it is hard to live without hope even in seconds. Generally, hope is the key to success by affecting our will to work hard or not. Therefore, it should be preserved not to be damaged by mere mistakes.

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