Should Euthanasia Be Legal And Accepted For A Terminally Ill Patient? Essay example

Should Euthanasia Be Legal And Accepted For A Terminally Ill Patient? Essay example

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To be or not to be is not the question, but rather you must first assume that you soon won’t be and go from there; Should a terminally ill person request assisted dying in dignity with little pain, or die naturally? Should this be a choice they are allowed to make? Should terminally ill people be able to ask this question and have their wishes be fulfilled whichever way they answer? Assisted dying is full of nuances; disagreements and differences on the subject range from finding an accepted name for it (assisted dying, physician assisted suicide, euthanasia, death with dignity, etc.) to the method and implementation of a patient’s end-of-life (differences in drugs and procedure). It is not a surprise that the arguments for and against it are also complicated and full of subtle differences and extreme opinions. The general question is a question of whether or not it should be legal and accepted for a terminally ill patient to request assistance in dying by life-ending medication, avoiding a possibly painful or undignified death from their illness. While advocates of the right to assisted dying believe that the freedom of someone with a terminal illness to end their own life safely and with assistance is a fundamental right, opponents maintain that assisted dying is medically backwards and unlawful, and find the right to die an affront to religious and/or moral guidelines, and a dangerous precedent.
The topic of assisted dying is one of the more controversial issues regarding end-of-life decisions and terminal illness care. Whether or not it is acceptable for a terminally ill patient to end their life with physician assistance is widely debated on moral and ethical grounds. Assisted dying is in some way legal in Belgium, the Ne...

... middle of paper ... 74% of Americans support assisted dying laws, even if they may not be likely to choose assisted dying themselves were they faced with the option. The laws allow patients to choose assisted dying or palliative care. More states are legalizing death with dignity, with laws currently in place in six states, with laws being reviewed in six states. Many other countries also have proposed assisted dying laws or have proposed legislation. Ultimately, the argument seems to be largely an argument of personal morals and how they relate to societal standards and end-of-life decisions. This issue joins other issues, like abortion and other specific rights, wherein proponents advocate for it to be legal for those who want to take advantage of it, with a choice to abstain, and those opposing would like for their morality and moral code to extend and become the law of the land.

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