Should English 101 Be Taught? Essay

Should English 101 Be Taught? Essay

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As the semester comes to an end, I have realized that English 101 has taught me to appreciate the amount of sincerity and hard work that goes into writing. The endless hours writers spend to coherently express their thoughts has never been brought to my attention until now. Feedback from professors and peers have inspired me to learn from my mistakes and move on. However, I still struggle to make relevant connections through my writing, but the more I write, the better I get. Although I have repeated my mistakes, positive comments from professors support my efforts in voicing a position. These efforts can be stated through critical thought and relevant details, demonstrating facility with grammar and mechanic and assessing my own writing progress by recognizing areas for improvement.
It is important that I have instructors and peers review my work when it comes to writing because their feedback is valued, especially where I can make relevant connections in my writing. In regards to my Cause & Effect essay titled, “Attributes of Racial Stereotyping and its Influences: Heritage, Music, and Prejudices,” feedback has given me reassurance. When peer review was assigned in class, the many pointers I received helped me make adequate connections in my essay. My peer was asked to list one way my essay could be improved, in which she replied, “Maybe having better transition sentences as opposed to jumping right into the points.” Since I took her advice into consideration I was fortunate to receive a complement from my professor, which states, “Good use of transition words!” However, although my progress has improved, I still struggle with making relevant connections as a source of firm support. In fact, my instructor suggests that I “Be...

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...fy with them. Moreover assessing my own writing teaches me the significance of providing ideas that are suitable for my piece, and what information to include and not to include.
Through English 101, I have progressed in making appropriate connections, improved in the grammatical aspect of writing, and have been exposed to the significance of assessing my own writing. It’s very important to reveal your viewpoint on a subject whether stating it directly or indirectly. What makes me most proud about my essays is the sincerity and effort that goes into my work. I think I spend more time than most brainstorming my blueprint and provide descriptive support/details. In terms of repeated error patterns, I had the biggest issue with demonstrating facility with grammar and mechanics. In addressing these errors, I made sure to always refer to my “Rules for Writers” handbook.

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