Essay about Should Drugs be Legal for Atheletes to Take

Essay about Should Drugs be Legal for Atheletes to Take

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The question that is debatable in today’s times is should performance enhancing drugs be legal for athletes to take. In today’s competitive world of all types of spots, athletes try to get a competitive edge over their competition by using performance enhancing drugs, even when they know it can be detrimental to their health and their lives in so many ways.
In the society we live in today, many athletes are taking performance enhancing drugs. So many things point to why performance enhancing drugs should be banned, and if taken, the consequences can be severe. These drugs have such a negative effort on your body if they drugs as “so-called” taken correctly or not taken correctly.
Athletes have become so competitive that their judgment becomes clouded by the want to be superior in the sport, even if it means doing something illegal such as taking performance enhancing drugs. “It's human nature to obtain an edge, whether in combat, in business or in sports,” says Charles Yesalis, a professor of health and human development at Pennsylvania State University and a leading expert on — and opponent of — performance-enhancing drugs” (Jost). The athletes that consume these products, also known as “doping” reap rewards and benefits that the athlete who does not take the drugs receive. Some of the advantages that athletes get as a result from taking performance enhancing drugs are the promotion of muscle
building (Mayo Clinic). “These type of performance-enhancers serve mainly as training aids. By helping muscles to recuperate more quickly from exhaustion or injury, these substances enable users to train more frequently and for longer periods at high intensity” (Worsnop). These drugs provide a type of “high” that allows them t...

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...g athletes and if for no other reason, that alone should scare us all, especially the parents of these young athletes.

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