Should Drug Addiction Be Placed Into A Rehabilitation Program? Essay

Should Drug Addiction Be Placed Into A Rehabilitation Program? Essay

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As drug addiction becomes an increasing problem, we are posed with the question of what to do with these addicts. Is it better to send them to prison where they can attempt to get better, or to a rehabilitation facility where they can be treated by professionals? I personally believe that drug addicts should be placed into a rehabilitation program rather than being placed in prison due to the reduced risk of post incarceration syndrome, the reduced cost, and the overall benefits of support they receive in a program afterwards.
In my opinion, those who suffer from drug addiction should be placed in rehab centers rather than in prisons for minor drug infractions. Doing this will eliminate the harmful effects of post incarceration syndrome, also known as PICS. Post incarceration syndrome can be defined as stress due to the drastic change of their environment once released (Gorski). PICS is compared to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is often experienced by those who return from war or who have suffered a traumatic event. Both addicts and war veterans have to come from a stressful environment (prison or war) and often suffer from having to change their way of life to fit into society. There are often negative side effects of PICS that can cause addicts to relapse (Gorski). The effects are a change in personality, social anxiety, and depression (Gorski). These alone could cause an addict to rely on their drug of choice to be able to cope with the change. To avoid this disease and then relapse, there is a simple way to avoid putting unneeded stress on an addict as they are already going through a very stressful part in their life. Instead of going to prison where they may experience post incarceration syndrome due to the stres...

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...addict who came from prison who may the have a sponsor who he is encourages to check in with. This shows that sending addicts to rehab is better than prison due to the amount of help they receive once they are out of their program.
The life of an addict would be greatly improved if sent to a rehab facility instead prison to serve their time. Research shows that if an addict goes to rehab rather than prison, it will improve their mental well-being rather than decreasing it by exposing them to mental conditions like post incarceration syndrome. Rehab will also save money for both the government and the taxpayers. Rehab will offer more support once addicts are released rather than prison where once they leave, they are on their own. All of the benefits of rehabilitation compared to prison make it obvious that addicts should be sent to rehabilitation rather than prison.

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