Should Drinking Be More Than Just Habits And Enjoyment? Essay

Should Drinking Be More Than Just Habits And Enjoyment? Essay

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We all know what it’s like or will know what it’s like at least once in our lives to wake up in the morning, feeling as if our heads are going to explode, and having you body aching as if you got hit by a car. People all over the world consume alcohol on a weekly basis, but have you ever noticed that men drink more than women? Daily, men have drinks at least 2 times a day, compared to women who consume it at least only once. We believe that drinking is meant for entertainment purposes at parties, restaurants, family gatherings, etc. but there is a deeper reason in why people drink, especially for men. Drinking can be more than just habits and enjoyment; it is something that men must do to prove their existence as members of society. Traditional philosophers such as Confucian had taught the behaviors of appropriate family roles, display of emotions, and decisive behaviors preserved as the roots of social expectations. Traditionally, men across Asia have commonly shared the qualities of manhood, distinctively, Vietnamese men have specific cultural practices that socialized them into the process of masculinity. Nhau is a tradition upheld by Vietnamese immigrants in America to reinforce traditional masculinity roles from home. This ritual secures masculine identity through practices in the past, and even for immigrants in the United States today.
Nhau, which is a specific Vietnamese ritual known as binge drinking, is a large consumption of excessive alcohol in a short period of time. Typically, this ritual takes place at any social events, gathering, or even on a regular basis, and it typically involves families, friends, and acquaintances. In fact, this ritual has always been a tendency to modify masculinity organized by the roles of...

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...Nearly 500,000 incidents between intimates involve offenders who have been drinking; in addition, 118,000 incidents of family violence involve alcohol (ncadd, 2015).
In conclusion, there are many different factors that lead people to drink, causing the difference between males and females in that males tend to drink more than females. Males in certain cultures such as the Vietnamese culture are forced into drinking due to the ‘’fear’’ of being looked down upon by their acquaintances and family members. Instead of drinking for the entertainment and social aspect, many cultures believe that drinking is a way to identify themselves because it shows masculinity for males, as well as a way to show status. Though it may cause disruptions to their family life, it is still viewed as being important to do Nhau in many cultures, leading to more men drinking compared to women.

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