Essay on Should Deaf People Have The Freedom For Make Money But They Want?

Essay on Should Deaf People Have The Freedom For Make Money But They Want?

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Should deaf people have the freedom to make money however they want? This is one of the controversial issues in the deaf community; if the deaf peddlers should be allowed to peddle ABC cards in public areas or not. The reason it is so controversial is because it’s set up to stereotype deaf people as being unable to work and that they are not educated enough to get a real job. The stereotype is also the very reason that deaf people are unable to get a job because of the discrimination that deaf people are facing. Hearing people can also take advantage of this since it is easy to pretend as a deaf person, making it difficult for the public to trust deaf people and see them in such a negative way. Therefore, I believe that deaf people should not peddle ABC cards in the public setting at all. The main points about the deaf peddlers are the following; stereotype, discrimination, money and difficulty of getting a job, and hearing people oppressing deaf people.

Not being educated enough to get a job is one of the many stereotypes that deaf people have. That is why it is called a stereotype, because it is not necessarily true about the deaf population that they are not educated enough to get a job. It’s mainly to do with the fact that deaf people find it very difficult to find a job where the employers will agree to the ADA law and provide the services as needed for the deaf employee. Many of the businesses do not want to use up more resources for a deaf person, so they instead do not give the job to a deaf person and lie to them saying that it is because they were not qualified for the job. A deaf peddler can also create fear in hearing parents with deaf child(ren) that they do not want their children to become like them. “Most damagin...

... middle of paper ... time, but I do believe that it should no longer be practiced. People, both deaf and hearing, are already discriminating against deaf peddlers because it’s such a demeaning profession that it worsens the perspective of deaf people and their culture.
I truly believe that deaf people can easily find a job if they worked hard, to show the potential employers that they are more qualified than hearing peers. If that does not work for them because of the discrimination, then I think deaf people should work to make the ADA laws stricter on how businesses treat people with disabilities because obviously, the ADA law is not enforcing that and I do realize that it can be very difficult to “catch” businesses discriminating against deaf people and other people with disabilities, but something is seriously wrong that there’s such a high unemployment rate in deaf communities.

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