Should Comprehensive Sex Education Be Allowed in the School Systems Essay

Should Comprehensive Sex Education Be Allowed in the School Systems Essay

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Sex is sex therefore; the city of Memphis school systems should provide all the details and information pertaining to it. There has been a huge controversy on whether or not comprehensive sex education should be allowed in the school systems. Certain laws, such as the Tennessee Sexuality Education Law and Policy, require that schools to include comprehensive sex education in their schools curriculum. Regardless of the school system teaching abstinence, today’s generation will still choose to participate in sexual intercourse. Why deny them of all facts and information that will help them live healthy and productive lives? Comprehensive sex education may gave parents on edge about what their child is learning, but this will reduce unintended teenage pregnancies, the spread of sexual transmitted diseases, and other sexual related issues. Before comprehensive sex education is introduced to the students, it is important that Memphians familiarize themselves with the meaning and knowledge of knowing what it is.
The term sex education is a word, or phrase, used to explain the human sexual anatomy, reproductive system, sexual intercourse, the attitudes and behaviors, and other sexual related issues (“Sex”). When defining sex education in relations with teens, it is basically informing them about all facts and issues about sex. There are also other terms associated with sex education that students will need to know. Restraining from any type of sexual intercourse or foreplay, for the matter, is call abstinence. Most parents favor that an abstinence-only programs should be taught in the school system. This type of program censors facts about contraceptives and condoms to stop the spread of sexual transmitted disease. Non-married teenagers ...

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...itted diseases, and correct other sexually related issues. For years, this issues has been a problem in Memphis because parent are very hesitant about their child learning about sex, the effectiveness of the course, and personal issues of the student such as maturity level, shyness, etc. Current state of whether or not Memphis should enforce comprehensive sex education in the school is still under debate. The Memphis community must come together and help solve this issue with provision groups, meetings, keep abstinence only program out of the school, and talk with the Maternal and Child Health Bureau Board. Otherwise, STDs, STIs, and rate of teenage pregnancies will continue to increase at a slow rate. Student deserve to know why they should stay abstinent, meaning learning about STDs, condoms, pregnancies, etc. otherwise, they will out on their own the wrong way.

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