Should Community Colleges Be Free? Essay

Should Community Colleges Be Free? Essay

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A $60 billion plan is being invested by Barack Obama for two free years of community colleges for American citizens in order to help with financial need. That means Obama is trying to get community colleges to be free to students that need extra support as they are living or growing up in an unstable house. Yet, community colleges being free would cause problems for many students that do not belong there. Money then would be given to all the students that are attending a community college, even though some of the students do not need extra support, nor want to be there in the first place. By doing research, it shows that community colleges are affordable to those that put forth an effort and universities would be shied away due to the price range. Community colleges also have only a two-year program which entitles students to choose either A. dropout, due to lack of effort, B. finish with an associate’s degree and limit their choices in a job compared, or C. continue after a community college and further their degree at a university. Yet, the third reason is the reason that makes the proposal questionable as to whether it is really a need or if it’s a want by the people that want money handed to them to help their future. If people can afford two more years of college after a community college, or they have scholarships to help them pay for the following two years, then why can they not afford a community college that can be less than a thousand dollars to attend to? The proposal seems to be something that is not totally needed to be one more thing that raises taxes, as there are scholarships for various cases and made to be affordable to further an education after high school.
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...get an education and if they fail or drop out then they are not out a ton of money. College weaves out the students that do not belong there or want to be there, so forcing them to go with the intentions of telling them it is free is not helping anyone or anything, but only wasting money because they just truly do not want to go out and get it. If something is not important to someone, then forcing them to do it does not change their thoughts about it. That is something that Obama should just be okay with and leave it alone. There are plenty of other ways to help the financially disabled. Obama feels like students are prohibited to going to college if they come from a poorly income family, but he should be really looking at whether they have fully applied themselves to high school and have tried working for money to go to college. That is what it all comes down to.

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