Essay about Should Community College Be A University?

Essay about Should Community College Be A University?

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High school seniors everywhere must make the decision of whether to go to a four-year university, or attend a local junior college. Although University’s and Junior College serve the same purpose, which is to give students an education, the two differ in a variety of ways such as getting the financial price points, student debt, and receiving the “full college experience”. Junior colleges suffer from many negative stereotypes, but what people do not see if how community college helps to prepare students who were not ready to attend a university yet, or it gives an education to those who can not afford an education from a four year institution.
Community college has many beneficial aspects to it. For one, it is much more affordable than a University. In Jill Biden’s article “Consider Community College”, she emphasizes the “financial advantages” of attending community college. She states “In today’s challenging economy, community colleges are an increasingly affordable way for students from middle- class families to complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree before moving on to a four-year university” (Biden 1). Biden believes that students that lack financial stability benefit from going to a community college because they will still be getting their college education, but not going into extreme debt by paying thousands of dollars in tuition. University’s within the past few years have risen in tuition costs. According to a recent study, college and tuition fees have gone up five hundred percent since 1982 – 1984. According to Education, a public university’s tuition can start from anywhere around 8,000. Adding living expenses and other necessities, the overall total is around 20,000 a year. Community coll...

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...o that is that students concentrate more about their new social life rather than their grades. Four year schools also provide more opportunities for students than a community college. You can choose from more classes and teachers, along with more resources to help students succeed. The downside of that is that because of the larger amount of student attending university, you won’t have the same flexibility and relationships with teachers that

In conclusion, attending community college is the most reasonable way to attend college without having to be in student debt. University’s and Junior colleges do vary pros and cons, but I still maintain that community college has many advantages to it. Community college is an extremely affordable way for students to receive a college education without having to take out many loans or going into thousands of dollars in debt.

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