Should College Wrestling Be Effective Athletes? Essay

Should College Wrestling Be Effective Athletes? Essay

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Of the 258,000 athletes that wrestle in high school, only 7,408 are able to continue their career as a wrestler in college (NCAA 1). These 2.7% of wrestlers are faced with multiple adversities from making weight, to the long seven minutes of nonstop action on the mat. Although the seven minutes go buy quick when spectating, when you 're on the mat it seems never ending. A lot of work goes behind ones success on the mat. To be successful in college wrestling on must cut weight efficiently, lift weights, and warm up effectively before every match.Among college wrestlers, cutting weight is a big part of their lives. College wrestlers often believe that cutting weight will improve their chances of winning. They do this be dehydrating themselves before weigh ins, then shortly after weigh ins replenishing their fluids as fast as possible. For this technique to be effective the athletes must do it right. If not done right, the wrestler will only weaken or fatigue themselves before the competition. As the college wrestler rushes to replenish his water, electrolytes, and glycogen after weigh ins, they think by competition they will be hydrated and that their muscles will be fueled again, but it does not work that way. Replenishing body fluids takes 24-48 hours, and muscle glycogen replenishment can can up to 72 hours. Not only does cutting weight have short term effects, but has long term effects as well. This includes organ damage, eating disorders, and unhealthy eating habits.
Physiologically there are many benefits to consistent weight training. This includes muscle size, tone, and overall strength. Not only this but lifting weights has also been shown to improve psychological health as well. This is done by increasing self-esteem, conf...

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...ic to get focused in on their match, and to motivate them as well. As mentioned, most importing reason for doing a warm up is to prevent injury during competition. Warming up the muscles will prevent injuries such as hamstring tears and other types muscle strains.
College wrestling is a rough sport, and a lot has to be done if they want to be successful from hours of training, to a healthy diet. It sounds very simple, but it 's a lot more than that. A college wrestler has to participate in long practices, while not being able to replenish body fluids and calories after. This and things such as lifting weights on extra time, and not eating that cookie at lunch. Finally the wrestler makes weight and they have competition. To do well in the competition the wrestler need to warm up and get his mind right. These are all things a college wrestler must do to be successful.

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