Should College Students Start Working? Essay

Should College Students Start Working? Essay

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People usually think that doing two things at the same time, it never ends well. That can be the case for those kind of people who are really doing two things at the same time. For example, studying and texting. Hence, that is called multitasking. But, what happen when a person studies and works. It is true that they are performing two tasks in one-day period. However, they are not entwining them. Some people can still think that, even though they are not entwining them, they are still performing two tasks, and therefore, that cannot end well either. However, what it is unknown to most people is that students who study and work at the same time can gain benefits such as work experience, the value of money and time, and being organized.
First, work experience is highly recommended when applying for a job. Most people think that when college students start working, their academic performance lows, since they start spending their valuable time at work instead of preparing for classes or exams. It is true that their time is divided now they are working, however, students who work while ...

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