Should College Students Consider When Choosing A College? Essay

Should College Students Consider When Choosing A College? Essay

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Look into the future
Students every year are looking for a place of higher collegiate education. What ideas do they use to choose the college that is right for them? What should potential college students consider when choosing a college? Students must take into account the admission standards, tuition, academic standards for the specific study of choice, where they plan to live, and the overall graduation rates. Northern Illinois University and Eastern Illinois University are both compelling, but yet hold differences than a potential student may realize; however I should attend Eastern Illinois University for a collegiate education for its excellent overall performance as a university.
Colleges like Northern Illinois, and Eastern Illinois University use educational factors to determine if a student is ready to take on the academic challenges that their university has to offer. They use the ACT prep test, SAT test, and a cumulative GPA which a student acquires over the years at their high school, and also consider bonus additives like a recommendation letter, personal essays and statements, and high school transcript. These vary from institutions around the country, depending on the college or university. All colleges and universities have different admission standards. Prospective students of Northern Illinois University must abide by the admission standards set for all students. According to Northern Illinois University “Deadlines and Requirements” web page, a prospective student must have a desired ACT score of a 19 to 25 composite score and a cumulative GPA of around a 3.15, and must submit their high school transcripts along with an application fee of $40 which can be paid by credit card, check, or fee waiver if circumstanc...

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... multiple steps on the inside look of college are what make the decision for the best college. After comparing the admission standards, tuition, academic standards for the specific study of choice, plans of living, and the overall graduation rates, Eastern University is a college that could fit the standard lifestyle. The price of $11,500 per semester sounds ideal to the ear, versus the $14,533 per semester at NIU. The admission and academic standards seem achievable, and not out of reach like NIU’s. The campus at Eastern is not extremely large, but is a comfortable and has a welcoming feeling. The graduation rates at Eastern are much more successful, and the actual intelligence of the graduates are much greater. Eastern is a great college for learning, and all the other aspects in between. This college can make the rest of one’s life nothing but a success.

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