Should College Students Be From A College Campus? Essays

Should College Students Be From A College Campus? Essays

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Some of the most diverse locations in the world can be found at a college campus. Throughout universities across the country, college students are asking questions as, “When am I ever going to speak this language in my life?” or “I’m never visiting another country so why learn something I won’t use?” These are two examples of college students stating when taking a foreign language class as a requirement for their university. Besides English, there a hundreds if not thousands of languages spoken in the United States such as, Chinese, French, Vietnamese, Korean, German, and the list goes on, however, Spanish is among the top languages spoken in the country and businesses across the country are constantly searching for bilingual applicants that can supply their knowledge onto their respective costumers. Should college students have the right to choose whether or not taking a foreign language would be a waste of their academic career? By fulfilling two years of a foreign language, students have the opportunity to expand their cognitive skills inside and outside their classroom. I believe college students should satisfy the two-year foreign language requirement to not only benefit their lives, but as well as their careers.
College students believe a two-year foreign language requirement is too much to ask for. However, college students will not realize in today’s economy, many careers and job opportunities such as doctors, teachers, law enforcement, and military, are careers that demand proficiency not only in English comprehension, but in a foreign language as well to accommodate customers, patients, and recruits. Out of all the languages in the United States, Spanish specifically is in high demand, but also other languages like Chi...

... middle of paper ... through middle and high school that all of a sudden it is a requirement to take a two-year foreign language to graduate, but the fact of the matter is every day is a new day, everyday something new is invented, technology advances through the blink of our eyes, new diseases are discovered, new curriculums are added every year in schools, however with the power of English and a foreign language in our arsenal, all of those obstacles and changes are attainable with the knowledge and comprehension skills from simply being open minded and learning a different language in college for two years. Not only will learning a foreign language will give students limitless opportunities throughout their lives, but television programs we watch, music we listen to, books we read, will be passed down to future generation that will be eager to enroll in a foreign language course.

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