Should College Ready For Summer? Essay

Should College Ready For Summer? Essay

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It was not an unusual afternoon, nothing set it apart from any other walk home. The only real difference was I had just finished the last day of my junior year and was now a senior. Something was off though, maybe it was because I wasn’t really excited for summer. Which would make sense to most kids, but after 11 years off school ending for summer though, the happy feeling I got from it lost its affect long ago; it just didn’t give me that rush.
It was once I got home when it all hit me like a sledge hammer to the face; a sledge hammer swung by a major league baseball player. I was on social media looking at posts and the same phrases popping up like moles in the game Whack-a-Mole.
“Senior year”
“College ready”
This just made me think, am I ready?
Millions of questions like this flooded my head, drowning any other idea or thought that tried to plug it up. What have I been doing to prepare? Had I really done anything to this point for college? What have I been doing with my time, and where did it all go? All these questions were attacking me like a swarm of bees that have had their hive harmed, I couldn’t control them so I just had to stop and let it all sink in and calm myself.
So I thought about the things that I did do. I took the SAT like most people and I took classes that gave college credit, but really most students that do honors like myself had done that already also. I had not, on the other hand, went and did any college visits, looked into scholarships, or even admission requirements for the universities I wanted to go to. I hadn’t even looked up the one thing I have wanted to do since 6th grade; I wanted to go into the military.
Thinking of my future I knew I wanted to do something meaningful for my country to ...

... middle of paper ...

...y plan for after highschool.
I came to that strip mall knowing I wanted to join the military but I did not know what branch I was going to do or even what my plan was to do in there so I could still go to college. I came out of there, it was like I saw a light at the end of the tunnel know as high school and there stood a man in army camouflage. I knew then driving home I was going to do army 100% and I was going to do reserves till I got my associates at Chemeketa.
This changed my life not from how it kick started me into figuring out my plans for after high school, but how for everything I have wanted like going into the military I never really figured out anything before it is too late. I started that summer with a look of dismay reflecting on what I had and hadn’t done but when I walked out that army room I felt more determined, ready to truly face my future.

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