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Should I got to College

Many people think that going to college is a number one thing that everyone should do, while some people think that college is not important at all. Jennifer Ludden wrote about how going to college keeps college graduates financially stable but on the other hand holly Epstein Ojalvo presented someone in her writing who disagree to the importance of college. She writes that Dale Stephens believes that college is about the absolute place to learn. I believe that going to college is an absolute must for me because I want to be able to ensure myself that I will be financially stable which, will guarantee those that means a lot to me the same. College is also a must for me because I want to be rich; I want to help those around me that are less fortunate. Also I want to attend college because I want my nieces and nephews that look up to me now and my future kids to know they can do whatever they set their mind to.
In the article “Going to college may cost you, but so will skipping it,” Jennifer Ludden writes about why going to college is very important. There is a huge wage gap between those that go to college or not. College students that attend college and earn a degree will approximately make about $17,500 yearly than those that do not. Ludden talks about the disappearance of blue collar jobs which will make it hard for those without a degree to make a good living. Ludden also says that what students major in has a big role in college because some of those major may have little or no job being offered and may require much study.

In “why go to college at all,” Holly Epstein Ojalvo writes about the reason why people go to college. Ojalvo gives us five reason to why people should go to college but Dale J. ...

... middle of paper ...

There are many reason to why people will say yes people should attend college and there are others that will opposes those reason to why I should not attend college. According to Jennifer Ludden she says that people should attend college because it will be financial beneficial in one’s life and those that do graduates makes about 17,500 yearly which is about a half a million. But Holly Epstein Ojalvo writes about how college can help but Dale Stephens opposes to those reason because he says that college does not prepare people for the real world, people don’t need to go to college to learn, and students cannot find their talent there. Different reason for why people should go to college all depends on the individual because others have a strong reason to the importance of why attending college is important but some feels that there’s no reason of going to college.

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