Should College Drinking Be Banned? Essay

Should College Drinking Be Banned? Essay

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According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 1,800 college students die from alcohol-related causes every year, while about 800,000 are being assaulted by other students because of drinking. About one in every four college students who binge drink also admit that they have experienced academic problems. Binge drinking is drinking multiple drinks in just a few hours to get drunk. Despite the fact that college drinking has caused many issues, it has not been stopped, yet. In article, “Why Colleges Haven’t Stopped Binge Drinking,” McMurtrie (2014) explains that this issue has not been resolved yet because many people still see alcohol abuse as general issue instead of seeing it an individual behavior. Because colleges see alcohol abuse as general issue, they think that they can repair this issue through education without enforcement included. But, the teaching of Laws, regulations and rules without enforcement is just another motivation for college students to drink. College drinking is not only harmful for students who consume alcohol, but also for other people who live around the campus. It has a bad influence on the social lives of the general population.
In spite of the reality that binge drinking has many negative effects on college students and the general population (people who live around them; friends, family, strangers, etc.), it has become a trend that almost everyone does in the society of college. Both, McMurtire and the author of “Understanding Alcohol Abuse Among College Students: Contributing Factors And Strategies For Intervention,” Dr. Iconis (2014), agress that binge drinking is a natural part (culture) of a social life that is experienced during college. Dr. Iconis also adds that the...

... middle of paper ... learn. A person that drinks every week has a huge chance of having short term memories and often forget things. Then, the brain damages causes students to do poorly in exams and classes which makes students fall behind in their classes.
Therefore, college drinking should be either stopped or limited, especially around campuses, because it is dangerous for both individuals who consumes alcohol and the people around them. Particularly, the most unsafe college drinking, binge drinking should not happen in an environment of colleges so that students who live around the campus would feel more secure. Besides, college is a place to higher people’s education, not a place to meet up and party. It is important to always remind ourselves that binge drinking is a serious issue for the general population as a whole (including people who don’t drink) because it affects us all.

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