Should College Be Expensive As It Is Now? Essay

Should College Be Expensive As It Is Now? Essay

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Should college be expensive as it is now? I believe that college prices are fair because each individual student determines the price and what they are willing to pay for. College is a big business, which means they got a lot of bills to pay for and to keep the system running. There are many ways students can earn money to help bring down the cost of tuition. Thirdly, there are other alternatives to pay for education at a lower price.
Since, college is considered to be a big business there are many different bills that they have to pay for such as campus maintenance, activities, technology, and professor salaries. Many future college students want the full college experience such as moving away from home, meet new people, and to get out of there comfort zone. Therefore, many high school seniors apply for the bigger schools because they have a lot to offer. But many of Students often forget about how the tuition will get paid for. The average public university tuition cost starts at around 23,000 thousand dollars (College Board). Although, each university or college has different prices depending on how big the school is. For example, a smaller school such as Union College will be less expensive then Duke University because it is a smaller campus and has a smaller enrollment number.
Students who have at least a 3.0-weighted GPA are likely to get more scholarships because it shows consistency and dedication to their studies. Having a good GPA can also give students more options to choose from when looking for outside scholarships because you will be eligible for them. “Better grades, higher test scores, and involvement in a variety of activities can help your teen get more money for college” (Verywell). Therefore, how well you do ...

... middle of paper ... and how you learn best should tell whether or not online classes are worth spending money for.
Overall, the price that each individual college program or institute has to offer is fair because what you pay for is what you get out of it. As a student and a person you have to decide what is best for you and what you seek to get out of your education. The more the college has to offer the higher the cost. But that doesn’t mean they have better quality education. Smaller colleges have less to offer, but you still can get a good college experience and education. Applying for scholarships and grants can help put a dent in the cost of tuition. Although, performing in the classroom, being involved, and having good test scores can bring money to the table as well. At the end each student is in control of his or her own education and how he or she get to their destination.

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