Should College Be A Higher Paying Job Than Those Who Do Not Attend College?

Should College Be A Higher Paying Job Than Those Who Do Not Attend College?

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When it comes to the topic of college, Martin Espada, the author of "Why I Went to College," argues that college is a must and that if you do not attend college there will be consequences. In comparison, David Leonhardt, author of "Is College Worth it? Clearly New Data Say," also argues that college is very important to get a higher paying job than those who do not attend college. In contrast, Leonhardt also argues that college may not be the best idea considering the substantial amount of debt provided with college. My own view is more with David Leonhardt because I understand both sides of attending or not attending college with the positives and the negatives of the dilemma. This discussion is important in our society today because we constantly push the idea of college on to kids that may not even be ready for college or the fact that the debt may not be worth it; also the rise in the wage gap between college students and non-college students.

This discussion is important in our society today because we constantly push the idea of college on to kids that may not even be ready for college or the fact that the debt may not be worth it; also the rise in the wage gap between college students and non-college students. My view can be supported by the DiNapoli report on college student-loan debt. “Student-loan debt in New York state more than doubled during the last decade to $82 billion from $39 billion, as more people attended college, borrowing money to do so, and tuition spiked.” Another article by Brooke Metz, describes college as not being worth the debt as well. “In 2010, students could expect to break even within eight years of finishing school.” A college graduate also stated in this article, “My undergraduate education wa...

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...e not worth the trip is to go for a four-year college degree. Most students that attended college and got a four-year degree were more successful in paying their debt off sooner compared to students who attended college longer. I agree with Leonhardt 's essay because I understand both sides of the discussion on attending college. I understand the debt that goes along with it and how you can get a well paying job more likely by attending college than if you didn 't, but success is not guaranteed. Espada and Leonhardt 's views were supported by Dinapoli and Metz in my research. This discussion is important in our society today because we constantly push the idea of college on to kids that may not even be ready for college or the fact that the debt may not be worth it; also the the wage gap between college students and non-college students is rising due to the economy.

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