Should College Athletes Be Banned For College Sports? Essay

Should College Athletes Be Banned For College Sports? Essay

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What Can Be Done To Prevent Corruption In College Sports?

An ongoing scenario happening in colleges around the country is of potential pro-football player losing his scholarship funding because of inability to go to his classes and has below average grades in his senior year of college. There is growing consternation about National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) making billions of dollars from college athletics and giving very little in return to their student-athletes. College athletics is contingent with corrupt activity within college athletic programs yet, not enough is being done to demand it to stop. Consequently, many of the student-athletes, and pro-ball players, such as Kain Colter (former Northwestern quarterback,) are advocating for better medical insurance and academic support for players. To stop corruption in athletic sports within the collegiate institutions it is necessary to impose a limit on practice, recruiters to have shorter purse strings (meaning less bargaining money and less pay,) and student-athletes can only be given endorsements in their last semester of their senior year and they would keep the residuals (The NCAA Makes Billions and Student Athletes Get None of It by Greg Johnson and StudentNation
Many college-athletic programs compensate for the lack of classroom time athletes have to attend by having teachers and tutors do the academic work for them or actually put all student- athletes together in a fake classes with a teachers on-board with the ruse (UNC Investigation: Athletes pushed into fake classes by counselors by Jon Solomon Despite the fact that the student-athletes are getting special treatment academically in some of the pre...

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...mandatory study time with a tutor and in classroom time. College financial backers, College Board members, and athletic program staff must be advised that student-athletes are not to be treated like pro-ball paid professionals and to lower playing field expectations to take some of the pressure off the students for better wellness and support of their teams. Per S. Wieberg, the Knight Commission recommended holding athletes to the same admissions criteria as schools do all students, reducing the length of playing seasons “to afford athletes a realistic opportunity to complete their degrees “ and by 2007, baring programs that graduate fewer than 50% of their athletes from conference championships and postseason play.

Subsequently, the Knight Commission is instructing the NCAA “to adopt policies under

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