Should College Athlete Be Paid? Essay

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Throughout history the big question surrounding the college athletic industry is if college athletes should get paid for the participation in the sport. It has recently over the past few years been brought up as a huge topic in college athletics, a lot of people have their views in if they should or shouldn’t. The big picture everyone has to look at and get an understanding to be the economic aspect of it. There are a lot of factors that people fail to realize that involve paying these athletes such as the supply, demand elasticity, taxes and equity vs efficiency, all of these play a minor role in the impact of the answer people are waiting to get. In my opinion I feel as an athlete myself I feel we should get paid for playing sports. But before we discuss my opinion about how I feel we have to dive into how the big question came about over history.

The college athletic industry has grown from the start of times till now. People think to believe that the Indians began sports with the game lacrosse, which has been proven. Before the NCAA came about there were intercollegiate sports which “began in 1852 with a rowing contest between Harvard and Yale” (“Beginning of Organized Sports in America 2014”). Intercollegiate sports went on till the NCAA was officially introduced to the world in 1901. Ever since that day the amount of revenue that they have made in unbelievable. Once the NCAA came about they took a little to get going but ever since then they haven’t skipped a beat. Early in there beginning they had some trouble people were always complaining about how “Theodore Roosevelt, was subject to considerable public pressure to ban football from intercollegiate athletics” (“National Collegiate Athletic Association 2014” (NCAA). That...

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... own should pay the athletes. The NCAA should pay the athletes because there almost a billion dollar industry and can afford to give back to people. The NCAA makes a lot of the money from marketing on ads and the television and merchandise. I’m pretty sure they can afford to pay athletes but until they switch the policy we will never know. I feel the only thing that is stopping the athletes is what I previously stated and we will never know how long it will take them to solve this problem but once they do it should be clean sailing from there.

As you can see throughout history the college athletic industry has transformed today into a power house industry that is growing in revenue every year and will continue to grow for a very long time. If the industry continues to grow as I think it will they can be one of the highest revenue industries in the United States.

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